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Strong Relationships for Nonprofit Development

The events of the past year transformed our world – personally and professionally. What hasn’t changed?

You. You’re still here and you are important to us.

With all the change that has happened, it’s easy to lose sight of the individual people who run the organizations weathering this massive shift of “normal”.

Thank you to Donors, Thank you to Organizations

We all know that the two most important words to say in philanthropy are Thanks and You. Thanks to audacious people like you steering your organizations through the uncertainty by pivoting to virtual events, we’ve kept the lights on(line) and you’ve served your constituents.

You consulted with us about fundraising needs that were both in jeopardy, and more crucial than ever before. When it felt like our reason for being had been taken away by the virus, it only took a phone call with you to remember that philanthropy is more essential than ever.

Thank you for staying with HUNT. Thank you for supporting your communities.

Better Relationships; Better Philanthropy

Over the past five years, HUNT Auctioneers have helped organizations fundraise for special events. Our mission remains the same - we save you time and raise more money for your cause – and we will continue to provide you with expert knowledge and experience to help you fund vital programs and services for people in need.

You deserve even more and we can deliver it.

One thing has become increasingly important – the ability to connect on a meaningful level. Your ability to connect with donors is priceless. It’s a simple statement, but people are more valuable than their money. People know they are important to you when you nurture the relationship over time, and provide depth to their interactions with you. Once done, these relationships are capable of withstanding adversity.

Relationships capable of overcoming adversity are more impactful and endure longer. For non-profit organizations, they also lead to greater donations (investment) over time.

Strong relationships require:

• clear communication about real challenges in order to work for both parties

• flexible strategies for long-term growth

• ensuring that successes are celebrated as much as challenges are identified and overcome

Hunt is in the business of building strong relationships because better relationships means better philanthropy.

HUNT Means Philanthropy Now

In the spirit of change, we want to share a few transformations that will support better philanthropy in 2021:

1) We’re dropping Auctioneers from our name.

This reflects our broader knowledge and expertise in fundraising. HUNT means philanthropy now.

2) HUNT has expanded to be more diverse.

Over the past few years, we have trained a diverse team of fundraising professionals. We are now AAPI, BIPOC, and LGBTQ people who consult, produce and host live auctions and appeals.

3) HUNT consults on special events and more.

We are equipped and ready to support leadership and development at non-profit organizations to engage individual donors, foundations and corporate partners. Our experience with donor acquisition, communication, and retention will make the ordinary extraordinary.

The past year has shown that making a difference is not only possible, it’s necessary. Because what you do changes the world. With over a decade of experience in the theatre of giving, HUNT is primed to take your philanthropic action to a new level and augment fundraising for years to come.

It’s time for rich, new, imaginative perspectives and we can’t wait to partner with you to make them a reality.

Are you ready? Let's chat about what HUNT can do for you:


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