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The Psychology of Direct Appeals

What is the best way to ask someone to support your cause? In other words, what kind of language motivates people to donate, and actually gets them to give?

Our Method

HUNT’s method is battle tested and proven to save clients the effort of trying to solve this problem on their own. We know what works and how to fundraise better. Our auctioneers augment an organization’s ability to engage donors in the most meaningful way imaginable. We are donor centric and mission based in our fundraising.

Include emotionally driven storytelling that highlights the facts with simple clarity.

Our literary talents position us to tell your unique story in a way that impacts donor recognition and behavior. We identify your values to connect with people on a deeper level. This translates into greater audience participation, more numerous donations, the higher bid, and ultimately transforms your event. Live auctions and appeals are the golden gateway to building strong donor relationships.

How Not to Do It

Remember those drab classical radio station fund drives with transparently unenthused DJ’s reciting tired dollar for dollar matches? They are a prime example of how not to orchestrate your direct appeal. Non professional fundraisers tend to make cliched, uninspired pleas, that are easily ignorable. At best, they are boring begs for quotas of cash made by a gifted amateur, with minimal efficacy. At worst, they embarrass your organization who “saved money on a volunteer.”

Now let's talk about the right way to do a direct appeal:

Be Donor Centric

What really motivates listeners to become actors on the philanthropic stage? Donor centric fundraising. This is the art of empowering people by placing the focus on how THEIR gift can make the world a better place for others.

It’s a commonplace assertion that what YOU do matters, but one with infinite appeal. Tell a potential donor their investment in your cause will yield great dividends, and it might pique their interest. But that’s far too intellectual. Briefly and succinctly share the positive effects of their decision to donate… warmer. Back your direct appeal up with a testimonial from a human being whose life has been undeniably altered for the better, as a result of highlighted programs… now we’re cooking!

Be Mission Based

Practice mission based fundraising that is donor centric, and there’s an excellent chance the listener will be moved by your direct appeal to become a donor. What does mission based mean? It means putting the organization's fundamental values before all else. It means principles over personalities, and keeping the focus on how donors can actively become part of the story of change.

Invite donors into your story. Give them an active role in your mission. At minimum, you will provide someone something substantive for people to consider, as opposed to the trite hum drum of fancy panhandling, dressed up as charitable giving. Even better, you will encourage action.

Live events bring people together in support of a common cause. Let yours be known.

Now You Can Do It

Everything about your event matters to the people who attend it, especially how you speak to them. It’s crucial to consult a professional fundraising host to conduct your direct appeal, for your guests’ sanity, and your own. If you practice mission based fundraising that is donor centric, you will have a better chance of connecting with people on a human level. And they will respond in kind.

What’s the greatest nation in the world? The donation, of course. Our diverse team of auctioneers know how to engage donors and raise more money. Tell us about your event today.


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