The Best in Fundraising

Commitment to Your Cause

HUNT Auctioneers have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for non-profit organizations. We add significant and consistent value to online campaigns and live events by combining years of experience in consultation and production with brilliant performances. We are fundraising hosts who love what we do.

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This Is How We Do It

Our mission is to help non-profit organizations fundraise. We analyze data to develop effective strategies that engage your donors to give. We apply years of knowledge and experience in philanthropy. We co-write the script to transform your event into a theater of giving.


•  Our role is your fundraising partner  •  We meet with your leadership, development and events team •  Visit programs and services on site  •   Learn about your history, needs and goals  •  Collaborate on a mission-based strategy  •  Plan your success


•  We know how to run virtual and in person galas  •  When to fundraise in your program  •  Coordinate with software and tech team  •  Provide a digital platform  •  Create the run of show  • Acquire high-yield live auction lots  •  Structure appeals  •   Content that makes an  impact


•  100% commitment to your success  •  We offer diversity in fundraising  •  Professionally trained hosts make your organization look good •  Achieve vastly higher bids and donations  •  We exceed goals with humor and timely precision  • Your mission remains the focus

Why It Works

Virtual and live fundraising events are a great way to showcase your organization, increase awareness for its mission, cultivate donorship and raise a lot of money. People want to help your cause, to support the programs and services you provide, and are waiting to be asked to give. HUNT Auctioneers are development consultants who produce results. Our expertise and imagination make us the perfect hosts. We are the best in fundraising.


"Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present." -Albert Camus