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Consult a professional fundraising host and raise more money

High Stakes

Have you ever had an auctioneer who: cancelled last minute, left money on the table, made your organization look bad, embarrassed a donor, acted unprofessionally, or made other costly errors? HUNT fundraising hosts are dependable, effective, courteous, and 100% committed to your success.

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Count on HUNT

HUNT provides expertise to organizations that grow the impact of philanthropy worldwide. We identify strategies to transform donor engagement, produce auctions and appeals, and host fundraising at live events.


•  Your organization looks good

•  People leave inspired

•  Gratitude, integrity, respect  


•  The program stays on time

•  Guests are entertained

•  Maximum donor impact


•  Predicate your success  

•   Replace fear with confidence

•  Exceed fundraising goals  


Philanthropy Works

Many organizations struggle to fundraise effectively. With over 10 years of experience, HUNT has helped hundreds of organizations overcome challenges. Here is what our clients say:

“Our non-profit is small, and the board scrutinizes every expense. HUNT was a wise investment.”

–Stephanie Hinkaty, Gigi’s Playhouse

“Lucas has wit, charm, and persuasive power. Everyone I’ve spoken with has heaped praise on US!”

–Kerry Walk, Manhattan Marymount College

“HUNT's consultation pushed us over the $1,000,000 mark. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

–Staci Weston, Services for the Underserved

“We benefited immensely from Lucas Hunt’s advice. Hire a professional. It’s worth every penny.”

—Toni Farmer, Urban Promise

“Our annual income is derived from the gala. The pressure was enormous, and HUNT delivered.”

—Amanda Foreman, House of SpeakEasy

“Lucas worked with our budget, provided support and advice. We RAISED THE MOST we ever have!!”

–Meredith Weber, Back on My Feet Chicago

“HUNT’s grasp on what we do is better than some of our board members! Honestly, it was such a pleasure.” –Reshma Patel, The Impact Network

“Lucas’s commitment places him in a league of his own. He is my go-to auctioneer for all events.”  

–Rachel Jacobs, Bent on Learning


“We were thrilled to have HUNT host our fundraising, with the best results ever—over DOUBLE our goal.”

–Karen Hershey, KH Events

“In our 10 years of galas, Lucas is the most professional, engaging, and successful host we've hired.”

–Marla Greco, Montfort Academy