The Best in Fundraising

What We Do

HUNT Auctioneers take the time to learn about your mission. We share what has worked in our experience, then help you craft a program that inspires guests to give. As your fundraising partner, our goal is to provide support and deliver a record breaking live auction and appeal. We work with all different kinds and sizes of non-profit organizations, and have a simple recipe for success.

Run of Show

The most crucial ingredient. We conduct polished and professional auctions, that begin and end on time. We know where to place fundraising in the program to optimize bids and donations. We know what belongs where, and are ready to take the stage.


It's auction time. With your mission in mind, we advise how to acquire, select and order your live auction lots. They should be unique and incredible.  Our auctioneers reach the highest bid with humor and precision. We  get top value for your lots, and have a lot of fun.


 After the auction, the appeal aka paddle raise/fund a need is the single most powerful fundraising tool in our bag. Set up by a speaker who tells a personal story about your organization, an appeal is a great way to raise funds, awareness and to cultivate year long donor engagement.

Meet Hunt Auctioneers

HUNT Auctioneers have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars and awareness for non-profit organizations. Our years of fundraising experience add significant and consistent value to events. We provide expert consultation with brilliant live performances. Our auctioneers appear on television and stage, and serve as masters of ceremony. We love what we do.

Why It Works

Live fundraising showcases your organization, activates donors and inspires guests to get involved. So much goes into ensuring every detail of your event is right. A program that highlights your history, celebrates accomplishment and foreshadows the future... it's perfect the time. Who will you choose to represent your organization in that moment? HUNT Auctioneers are development consultants. Our knowledge, experience and imagination take it to the next level. We are the best in fundraising.


"Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present." -Albert Camus

New York, New York

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